A picture taken during my first module of my NLP course / Morgengrauen während meines 1. NLP Wochenendes.

This is how it started 15 months ago:

„Via Rupta is my ’new life‘-project. I will be exploring what it is like to umemployed, but live life happily and focus 100% on where I really want to be and what I really want to do. In the coming months I will blog about my experiences with the benefit office, my job search, my search for a fulfilled life and all other encounters along the way!

‚Via Rupta‘ is Latin and our modern day word ‚routine‘ actually derives from it. It can be translated as a sort of ’self made path‘, a way or route, which you found yourself. A road less travelled so to speak.“

I am now exactly one year into my job, which I started in October 2012. So the ‚Via Rupta‘ project is -for now- ad acta. However, time to start something new. I have changed the blog name into ‚Alex and the City‘, something a bit more glam, pink and starry. I have come to love stars. But more about that later… Enjoy!

About the author
I am now 34 years of age (*hold breath, panic, breathe in*). I have spent my life so far in Krefeld, London, Cardiff, Helsinki, London, Side/Turkey, Krefeld, Halifax/Canada and Frankfurt. My favourite is Turkey. Still. Sometimes Germany, but rarely. Very rarely these days. I am an only child, I am 1,81m tall, I love turquoise, I don’t drink alcohol anymore, I am a NLP Practitioner, I am single, I love people, the world and the universe. I follow the works of Paulo Coelho, Debbie Ford, Colin Tippin. I really enjoy good coffee (but not in the mornings). I like to listen to music from all sorts of countries. I don’t do sports, camping or Oktoberfest, although Munich is growing on me. But Berlin is still THE place to be. I sell Stella&Dot jewelry, which adds that extra bit of sparkle to my life. I volunteer in a hospice and also for a nationwide pupil mentoring programme.
Oh yeah, and I really really adore my car! 🙂
Please send feedback and suggestions for my page and please, please, do enjoy it!


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