Hello world, hello happy workers!

Project Start

I handed in my notice yesterday. I have worked with my new company for 3,5 months. I do not have a new job. As of August 2012 I will be unemployed…
…happily! I am looking forward to it. Really. In German we call this ‚berufliche Neuorientierung‘, a career re-orientation. It can mean anything from ‚I was made redundant‘ to ‚I couldn’t stand the job anymore‘. For me it is more like ‚I am sick of doing unfulfilling jobs and wasting 8 hours a day on doing tasks, which leave me as a cold as a frozen fish‘.
Don’t get me wrong, I always really liked my colleagues and workplaces. I had anything from 5* hotels, to the 23rd floor of a modern office building with a beautiful view over Frankfurt and a small manor house in the country side. I had free breakfasts, free lunches, medical insurance, bonuses, promotions, well-known international companies, trainings and nice bosses I still keep in touch with. But I still wasn’t happy.
So here I am now, with no job and happy. So one could count one and one together and assume that money involves unhappiness and happiness involves poverty. Nice belief to have. I have it, too. But with me the radical decisions always work best. I terminated my rental contract and started looking for a flat and found the perfect retreat for myself 2 years ago. I decided I wanted a Peugeot 307cc and 3 weeks later someone offered me one. It’s not ‚I wait until the right guy comes and then I get married‘, it’s ‚I want to get married and now I’ll go and find the right guy‘.
So for me this time it won’t be ‚hanging in an unfulfilling job until I find something better‘, it is

‚Focussing 100% and then getting the lifestyle I want!!‘

How? No idea!
This project will tell the story of how I am going to accomplish it! Follow me!!


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